Spore's Obituary

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Spore Pettigrew 1998-2017

Recently we had to say good bye to Dr. Pettigrew's housecat turned clinic cat, Spore. Spore was a permanent resident of Fountain City Veterinary Hospital for the past 10 years. He was loved by the entire staff and over the years our clients have grown to know and love him as well. Even though during his last few years he had to battle kidney disease, vertigo, and high blood pressure, he still was king on all of his beds and with many of his toys. He was a true "snuggle monster" and if any staff member needed some extra love he was always there to be picked up and held on their shoulders. He will always have a place in our hearts and left us comfortably with all of us by his side. Thank you to all of our friends and clients for the comforting words and reminders of great memories of Spore the last month.