Special Pets

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Special Pet:  Autumn
Autumn on a heating pad and blanket being warmed.

Autumn was about 5 months old when she was brought in our clinic last October.  She was found in the road, with some obvious injuries and a good samaritan brought her in to us. Her body temperature did not even read on a thermometer, she was that cold and close to death.  We watched over her for several hours, slowly warming her back up to a normal temperature.  We then started to assess her injuries, and after xrays were taken, she was found to have a badly broken pelvis and broken rear leg.  We all worried that she would have no control over urinating or bowel movements, or both.  There was also concern even if she had control, would she be able to get into a litterbox by herself.  Knowing that she had no owners, we wondered if it was best to leave her go.  But we decided to at least see what happened over the weekend.  Sometimes given a few days or a week or more can make a difference.  Our office manager, Chris, decided to take her home for some TLC.

Less than a week later, she was sitting up and had full control over urine and BM's.  She was already trying to stand up and walk, taking just a couple of wobbly steps.  We noticed when she was standing even for a little bit, that her rear leg that was not broken seemed to have some nerve damage.  She didn't seem to realize that her foot was knuckled under when she stood, and could not turn it back over in the proper position.  We were already contemplating a leg amputation on her broken leg, and then wondered if we did that, would she be able to walk on the other rear leg with nerve damage.  
Each day she was able to take more and more steps, even though she was supposed to be resting her broken body.  She was determined, however, and soon we made the decision to do surgery on her broken leg by putting a pin through the bone, so it would heal.  She came out of the surgery not only with a pin in her leg, but two wires holding together pieces that had broken off and were just "floating".  

Dr Adams did an excellent job and once again she was sent home with Chris for her recovery and physical therapy.  

Fast forward 4 months later- Autumn has fully recovered from her injuries.  She still has a little funky walk due to her left leg with the nerve damage, but it doesn't stop her. She runs and jumps and plays everywhere. You might ask whose home she ended up in- well of course our resident crazy cat lady, Chris, who spent many hours/days/weeks loving her and watching over her.  She is a wonderful addition to her already crazy house full of cats.  Autumn has a total of 5 sisters and 3 brothers at home, and fits right in!  She is truly a "special" and determined cat!

Special Pet:  Smokey
 Smokey was brought to the clinic for chronic vomiting in January.  We saw him again in March for the same problem.  At that time the owner did say he had vomited up a hair tie.  She stated he seeks out hair ties and even opens plastic bags to get them.  We then took an xray and could see he had in fact unknowingly eaten SEVERAL hair ties.  Dr Kleman performed what is called a gastrotomy, where he opens the stomach surgically and removes all the contents of the stomach.  The third picture shows all the hair ties that were removed.  25 in all!!!  We can report that a month later, Smokey is back to his normal self, but with all hair ties under lock and key!

Special Pet: Lucy

Lucy came to us after a source of unknown trauma fractured her jaw while she was outside one day. Dr. Pettigrew used a special jaw repair technique for her treatment. First, he placed three to four orthopedic pins through her jaw. He then attached plastic tubing on the outside surface of the pins. Finally, he filled the tubing with a special acrylic material, Acrylx, which solidifies and holds everything securely in place. We are happy to report that Lucy is doing well at her recheck appointments!
Special Pet: Friend's of Feline's Rescue Center kitty

This kitty came to us from the Friend's of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH. He has found his forever home but needed some dental work first. While we were getting him ready for his big dental day, we noticed a few extra toes!