Special Pets

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Special Pet: Lucy

Lucy came to us after a source of unknown trauma fractured her jaw while she was outside one day. Dr. Pettigrew used a special jaw repair technique for her treatment. First, he placed three to four orthopedic pins through her jaw. He then attached plastic tubing on the outside surface of the pins. Finally, he filled the tubing with a special acrylic material, Acrylx, which solidifies and holds everything securely in place. We are happy to report that Lucy is doing well at her recheck appointments!
Special Pet: Friend's of Feline's Rescue Center kitty

This kitty came to us from the Friend's of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH. He has found his forever home but needed some dental work first. While we were getting him ready for his big dental day, we noticed a few extra toes!
No imageSpecial Pet: Addie

Oops! Accidents happen to everyone, including veterinary professionals!
This picture shows our technician, Bre, with her dog Addie. This is the mess after she had to administer activated charcoal by stomach tube. The reason we had to do this is because Addie was a bad girl and ate a bunch of chocolate and this was the treatment of choice!