PHOVIA- Using light therapy to accelerate wound healing.

posted: by: Chris Tomlinson Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

There is a new innovative therapy that is now available to help accelerate wound healing.  Phovia is a light therapy unit that we have in our clinic now.
Let's say you have a pet that has been scratching and licking at an area so much that now they have a raw area, called a hot spot.  First the area is clipped and cleaned and a hydrogel is applied to the area.  Then we use the Phovia unit, which has a blue LED lamp that is held over the area for 2 minutes.  After the treatment the area is wiped clean and the pet is sent home.  It is recommended the area be treated twice a week, with the veterinarian watching the progress of healing.  Repeating the procedure is usually minimal, with little to no use of other medications in some circumstances.  
The Phovia unit can also be used on surgical sites such as spays, neuters, and even declaws to speed up healing times of the incision.
We offer the use of Phovia in our surgical options questionnaire when a pet is scheduled for surgery.  
Phovia should NOT be used, however, on any sites that are suspected to be cancerous.