4th of July tips

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July Independence Day Tips
Many of us love our Fourth of July celebrations; back yard BBQs, pool parties and, of course, fireworks! But as fun as these celebration can be for us, they are often terrifying for pets. 

Do fireworks make your pet shake, hide and otherwise terrify your pet? Give us a call to discuss options for making this day easier on everyone! 

This Fourth of July, keep your pets indoors! Fireworks tend to make dogs panic and can result in breaking their restraints or jumping a fence to seek safety. 

Remember bug repellents designed to keep mosquitoes off you should never be used on your pet. Many of these contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pets. If mosquitoes are a concern, give us a call to discuss animal-friendly options. 

Did you know? July 5th is the busiest day of the year for shelters! Fireworks can be terrifying for your pet and many will flee trying to find a safe place. Make sure your pet is microchipped and their information is up to date, collar & tags should be worn at all times, and keep your pets securely indoors when possible!