Heartworm Treatment for Pets

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Heartworm is a serious malady that primarily afflicts dogs and some cats. At  our animal hospital, we encourage pet owners to be diligent in providing  their pets with the heartworm prevention they need to stay healthy. At Fountain City Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians can educate you on what heartworm is, how it affects your pets and why it is so important to prevent it.

Heartworm Treatment
Mosquitoes are the carrier or intermediate host for heartworms. When mosquitoes bite your cat or dog, they inject larvae that can develop into heartworms as long as 12 inches in size. While these worms frequently take up residence in the right ventricle of the heart they may also migrate into the Bryan veterinary clinic provides heartworm preventionpulmonary artery. This is where the most damage can occur, making your
pet critically ill or even cause death.

The first line of defense against heartworm is prevention. At our hospital, we conduct blood tests, x-rays or ultrasound of the heart to determine if your dog or cat has a heartworm disease. If your pet does not, we can provide the essential medicine your pet needs to prevent heartworms. This
may be an oral or a topical medication.

If your pet has developed heartworms, you typically will need to schedule outpatient procedures for injections to kill the heartworms. Heartworm infection can be fatal to your pet if not treated.

Symptoms of heartworm infestation in its early stages can vary from no symptoms at all to coughing, lethargy, fatigue and weight loss. Severe infection can cause anemia, congestive heart failure and collapse. Please call us today at our animal hospital if you have any concerns or questions or need to make an appointment. Our phone number is 419-636-5081. 

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