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Welcome to Fountain City Veterinary Hospital located in the rural community of Bryan, Ohio.



Help yourself to our complimentary coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while you visit our clinic

Exam Room

Each exam room is equipped with a flat screen computer monitor. This allows our doctors to show digital x-rays to clients shortly after they have been taken.

Exam Room

One of our three exam rooms is dedicated to performing ultrasounds


We have a full service pharmacy on site with competitive pricing. If we do not carry a specific medication, we can order it and have it in stock in a timely manner.


We offer in-house digital radiology imaging


Our kennel was completely remodeled in August of 2018. It was a project that took about 9 months from planning until completion.


We have a fenced in back yard area for our boarding dogs to run. It also serves as a place to safely walk our hospitalized dogs.

Second lab area

  1. we offer top of the line laboratory diagnostic machines by Idexx, a leader in the veterinary laboratory field

Dr. Pettigrew, relaxing in his office

Doctor Pettigrew founded Fountain City Vet Hospital in 1976 as the only doctor. Fountain City Vet has continued to grow over the past 40+ years, currently staffing 4 Doctors and 6 Registered Veterinary Technicians.

Dr. Adam's Office

Dr. Adams is a very important part of our practice. She leads many extensive medical and hospitalized cases. She oftentimes oversees treatments and conducts morning rounds.

Sterlization Area

All of our surgical instruments and gowns are sterilized and processed in house.

Kitchen area/Break room

Everyone has to eat, right?

Treatment Ward

Cats and hospitalized dogs stay in the treatment ward. This is a quiet, warm, well monitored and isolated area for these patients. This is also equipped as an area for dental procedures. Here we have our wet sink, anesthetic gas machine, digital dental x-ray unit, multi-modal monitoring unit, and high speed dental unit.

Surgery Room #2

This room is reserved for routine surgeries. The machine that resembles a computer monitor visualizes and records any procedure involving a scope, i.e. gastroscope or ear endoscopy.

Surgery Room #1

Non-routine and sterile surgeries are reserved for surgery room #1 due to a higher level of isolation from clinic traffic

Conference Room

Our newest addition in our practice.We converted a general area into an exam room for our technician appointments


During our first phase of construction (2008), our back hallway served as our main entrance. A local artist painted an amazing animal mural to spice up the area

hallway mural

hallway mural

Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-12:30 & 1:30-6:00, Saturday 8-12 by appointment only

This is Callie Britton, R.V.T. & Practice Manager in her office


Our lobby and hallway is decorated with canvas photos of our staff member's beloved pets


We added fun colors and artwork to make the kennel have a happier vibe


Bright and cheery paw prints about the sink


Our brand new kennel floor is textured for slip resistance. It is also impermeable and does not absorb waste or moisture.  


Our new kennel doors help with stress and anxiety by providing privacy so other dogs cannot see each other. The plexiglas tops also help with sound.