Mitral Valve surgery now an option in Japan

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Many dogs have heart issues, one in ten to be exact, and around 75% of those dogs have degenerated mitral valves. Mitral valve disease can be treated with medications, however, they only work for so long. Now, a surgical option exists. This is a really expensive option costing near $45,000. Nevertheless, the waiting list is already more than 80 dogs long! 
Dr. Masami Uechi of the Japan Animal Specialty Medical Institute is the amazing surgeon that performs this operation. 
In most cases, surgery stops the disease from progressing, however, sometimes a second surgery is needed and is not always as successful. Medications are sometimes still necessary as well, but like it stated, it stops the disease from progressing. 

It is so amazing that the veterinary field continues to make advances that once seemed impossible. Is it wild to imagine a future where the same amount of procedures and medications we have in the human medical field will exist in the veterinary field?